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Sun company adjust the perfect organization management structure of the meeting

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The meeting started, Mr Sun founder Li Chuantao showed a video, video mainly expounds the bullock perseverance finally carrying a 170 - pound man to crawl the story of 100 meters, but initially brock thinks he can hit 30 meters. After the screening, Mr Li Chuantao let everyone would just comment video, each staff actively, views, atmosphere reached a climax.






Then Mr Li Chuantao illustrates the target of recent years: in 2020 to set up factories in foreign offices, by 2050 to become an international furniture industry's most influential brand. Established headed by comrade sun jing hard work system and the future direction and principle, the values of a soft landing. Mr Li Chuantao by the good faith, innovation, high quality and efficiency is the management strategy, and focused on the question of outsiders - "why do you can develop to this step?" , emphasis on the result of this is inevitable, and asked: "why can't we?" Mr Li Chuantao combines the actual conditions of the company summed up our opportunities and challenges, puts forward it is because we have these deficiencies, so we have more room to improve. Yesterday, the difficulties, we walked all the way ?






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