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How to use magnetic soft curtains for longer?

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How to use magnetic soft curtains for longer?

Magnetic soft door curtains, like clothes, have a certain life cycle. Soft door curtains will slowly age during use. Soft door curtain products that reach the life cycle can no longer be used.

1. Regular cleaning

Long-term use of the soft curtain will cause some dirt on the toilet surface. We can use the cleaning method to make the soft curtain look new and use it for a longer time! For some soft curtain products with oily appearance and long spots, it is not ruled out that the soft curtain itself There is a problem with quality, of course, this kind of thing is not necessary to continue to use!

2. Avoid exposure

In order to slow down the aging speed of the soft curtain, it is best not to expose the soft curtain to the sun for a long time. When storing the soft curtain, it is best to choose a dry and ventilated place!

3. The material problem

Different materials have different service life. These are factors that cannot be considered as controllable. What we can do is to use different cleaning methods according to different materials!

4. Store flat

Try to be as flat as possible when storing, don’t fold it up, roll it up

Of course, the quality of soft door curtains is the same as other products. Although many soft door curtain products look similar, the service life of high-quality soft door curtain products is much longer than that of inferior products.





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