jiao yang magnetic soft screen door

Soft screen door magnetic inventor Mr Li Chuantao at the opening ceremony of the speech

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eize the historical opportunity Create the brilliant industry
- in the first China (the symplectic) 2008 mesh screen door fair presentation
Soft screen door magnetic inventor Li Chuantao

The leaders, distinguished guests, friends, everybody!
Welcome everyone in this picturesque march to the west at the riverside of the beautiful and rich, came to our simplicity of hospitality, to attend the first China 2008 mesh screen door fair, the first thing I wish a happy journey of participating merchants and guests, horse, bonanza, happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea! I wish the exhibition a complete success!
Today, as the inventor of soft screen door magnetic, inaugural exhibition at the invitation of the organizing committee to attend the opening ceremony, I am very honored and very excited, thousands of words, so the mood, excitation





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