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The characteristics and applications of the various forms of door

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(1) open flat

Flat open is one of the most common in the daily could live - form, can be divided into one-way open and two-way open two kinds, the door should not be too big, the hardware of use simple, convenient, flexible switch - swing door also is a kind of flat open, more used in the places where requires self-closing, opposite the manufacture is simple, but the door size and weight of meat must be adapted to the spring model.

(2) move the door

Push-pull type and folding door can be divided into two kinds, the similarities include can be applied to various sizes of the doorway. Take up less space in the switch, door leaf production process is simple. But pay using hardware, slide the demand is higher.

Sliding door are quite common in our daily live at first, look from behind the door leaf open position, can be divided into overlapping type push-pull ?





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