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CCTV - 10 approached science program into the sun soft door co., LTD

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CCTV - 10 approached science program into the sun soft door co., LTD
Invented by Mr Li Chuantao soft screen door magnetic has been best-selling in the market for many years, using the principle of magnetic attraction to make screen door closed automatically, prevent flies excellent results, easy installation can be taken apart, can be folded.
Recently get CCTV into science, "I love the attention of the invention, the reporter a line of people to visit our company, is expected to use three days to do an interview with the inventor and the product, but Mr Li Chuantao also was invited to the studio of Beijing, to show live, detailed introduces the process of the invention soft screen door magnetic and the situation of the company. At a China central television (CCTV) - 10 air time is on the first day to the seventh, please pay attention to watch then.

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