jiao yang magnetic soft screen door

To win in export orders - soft screen door magnetic exported to Italy

Author:ANHUI JIAOYANG SOFT DOOR CO LTD Source:home station  Release time:2016-03-15  Page view:6252


I company with the Italian merchants to the production of eighteen thousand pieces of soft screen door magnetic contract, in the company leadership, departments work closely with all the staff work together to fight, finish, this is the anhui province global fund malaria control office order processing soft screen door magnetic after eighty-five thousand, again with a strength that sun company has guard contract, heavy quality, the ability of mass production screen door, and for receiving customer orders, laid a solid foundation.
The scorching sun of the sale to the Italian merchants products, adopt the special piece color box packaging, then in standard cartons, shipped to hangzhou port, shipping, met the foreign users, again beautiful sun company would achieve soft screen door magnetic to remember!






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