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What are the magnetic soft screen door materials

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The characteristic of the magnetic soft screen door is the frameless soft edge and the split in and out. It is quickly closed by the action of gravity and magnetic force on the middle edge. Made of high-quality chemical fiber materials as raw materials plus magnetic strips or blocks. Different shapes, the size is based on the size of the door;

It has the advantages of novel appearance, no noise, convenient access, low price, good sealing, good anti-mosquito effect, convenient folding and stacking installation and storage, easy cleaning and low price. It overcomes the characteristics of bulkiness, easy deformation, loose closing, noisy, inconvenient to take and hang storage of traditional hard screen doors. Features such as significant anti-mosquito effect. The product integrates anti-mosquitoes and decorations as a whole, and the warm and elegant shape is more humanized, making your room more beautiful. From summer on, say goodbye to mosquito coils and insecticides, sit back and relax, you will sleep more peacefully, and your body will be healthier!

1. "Raw" coating edge material: the coating texture is poor, and it is afraid of sun, easy to peel and short life.

2. Soft cloth edge material: the cloth is soft, afraid of moisture and easy to be rotten.

3. "Cooked" coating trim: high-grade double-sided coating, good gloss, not afraid of rain, not sun, not moldy, durable.

4. Oily coating trim: After high-temperature double-sided coating, print the pattern, then add oil coating, smooth and delicate, beautiful and elegant, and longer life.

5. Plastic trim: It is suitable for wireless sewing (ie heat sealing process), and the products are mostly used for interior doors.

Classified by fabric: mainly hard yarn, stripes, jacquard, color registration, printing, crystal embroideries, among which the most sold general printing is more, and stripes and hard yarn are gradually eliminated.

According to the production process, there are five types: magnetic block type, whole magnetic strip, strip combination, magnetic buckle strip combination, and magnetic buckle type. These types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Among them, the magnetic block type is generally made of hard yarn because of its poor sealing property, and it is sold more in the northern region. In the south, the strips are combined and the entire magnetic strip is used.





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