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How to distinguish the quality of magnetic soft screen door

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How to distinguish the quality of magnetic screen door?

1. Look at the magnetic stripe: the magnetic stripe used in the magnetic anti-mosquito screen door has magnetic specifications of 40g, 50g, 60g, 75g, and the magnetic stripe of 75g is the best. A good magnetic strip is thick, hard to bend, strong and durable. Inferior magnetic strips are small and soft, easy to pull (break), and have weak magnetic properties.
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2. Look at the screen door fabric: good fabric is made of high-quality raw materials, the fabric is exquisite, soft, uniform, and the yarn eye is dense and uniform, non-shrinkable, wrinkle-free, non-deformable, not easy to fade, no odor; inferior screen door fabric is easy Spinning, loose yarn, poor strength, uneven yarn opening, and poor anti-mosquito effect.
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3. Look at workmanship: Although the material is good but the production quality is not close, the magnetic screen door is still a bad screen door. A good screen door depends not only on the selection of materials, but also on the workmanship. The well-made screen door, first, the cutting is neat, the four sides are cut neatly, after folding, the screen doors can be diagonally diagonal, side to side, the left and right screen doors are stacked together, and the four sides and four corners can overlap; the second is that the edge is firmly bonded and embossed It is clear but not penetrating, and the edges are flat without wrinkles. The third is that the side tube wearing the magnetic strip is neat, suitable for size and elasticity. If it is too large, the magnetic strip will not roll well and the magnetization will not be good.

4. Look at the windproof performance: good screen doors have windproof magnetic blocks or balls, which are not easy to be blown away by the wind.

Tips: As summer approaches, many magnetic screen doors appear on the market. Among them are sub-charged products and low prices as bait to attract consumers to buy, but the quality is very poor and can only be used for one quarter or less. Just in case!





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