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Anti-mosquito tips in life

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Summer is here, and mosquitoes have increased. How to repel mosquitoes has become a must-know in summer! So what are the ways to prevent mosquitoes in life? In fact, there are still many methods, here are some!
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Mosquito repellent toilet water (this tastes much better than potion) contains bionic repellent materials, which can make mosquitoes have an illusion and lose their desire to bite. Each aging can reach 5 hours. Some mosquito repellent toilet waters also contain valuable Chinese herbal medicines, which have the functions of cooling, removing rash, and preventing summer heat. It can be said to be multi-purpose.

Mosquito repellent "physical" weapon mosquito nets can prevent mosquitoes and wind, but also absorb falling dust and filter the air.

Electric mosquito swatter uses electric energy to form a grid on the net surface. After hitting the mosquito, the current passes through the mosquito's body and burns the mosquito to death.

Mosquito Killer Lamp The mosquito lamp uses the phototaxis of mosquitoes and the sensitivity to special wavelengths to induce mosquitoes to contact the surface of the net, and instantly scorch the mosquitoes through high-voltage electricity. The mosquito lamp is best placed above the knee and not more than 180 cm from the ground. When using the mosquito trap, all other indoor light sources should be turned off to avoid affecting the mosquito trap effect. Add some water and some vinegar to the insect trap box of the mosquito trap to better catch mosquitoes.

Soap water to kill mosquito eggs Put a basin in the yard, and put soap and washing powder in the basin to induce mosquitoes to lay eggs in the water. This alkaline environment is not suitable for mosquitoes to survive, so a few days later, the water basin will be full of many dead young mosquito eggs.

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Mosquito Repellent Tips

1. Bathing frequently can remove the smell of body surface secretions and reduce the possibility of being attacked by mosquitoes.

2. Vitamin B is metabolized by the human body and is discharged from sweat to produce a special smell, which can repel mosquitoes. Therefore, you can eat more vitamin B-rich foods such as brown rice, beans, dried fruits, hard fruits, peanut kernels, fruits, green vegetables, milk, fresh rivers, and seafood.

3. Wearing light-colored clothing such as black and white can reduce the chance of being bitten by mosquitoes.

4. In view of the mosquito's tendency to light, like high temperature, dark and humid environment, and the habit of going out at night, you can turn off the indoor lights in the evening, open the doors and windows, wait for the mosquitoes to fly outside, and then close the screens and doors to prevent mosquitoes from flying in.

5. Put a few boxes of uncovered cooling oil and wind oil in the bedroom, grind mothballs, and sprinkle them on the corners of the house to repel mosquitoes.

6. Place one or two pots of mosquito repellent flowers.

7. Install orange-red light bulbs indoors, or put light-permeable orange-red cellophane on the light bulbs to partly repel mosquitoes.

8. Burning dried leaves and orange peels can smoke away mosquitoes.

9. Use appropriate amount of mint, perilla or tomato leaves, rub the juice out and apply it on the bare skin of the human body to prevent mosquito bites.

10. Hang a handful of shallots under the lamp, or use a gauze bag to pack a few shallots to help repel mosquitoes.

Mosquito Repellent Flower Hall of Fame

1. Jasmine: It has a strong floral fragrance and can keep mosquitoes away when placed indoors in summer.

2. Nocturnal scent: petals open at night and close in daylight. Its special fragrance has a magical mosquito repellent effect.

3. Rhododendron: It has certain toxicity. The mosquito dared not approach.

4. Marigold: There is a red nose smell, mosquitoes dare not approach it, it is a special excellent natural insect repellent.

5. Pyrethrum: The flower contains pyrethrin, which can poison the mosquitoes and die.

6. Peppermint: It has a special fragrance, and mosquitoes will feel dizzy when smelling it. After mosquito bites, boil water with its leaves and apply it, which has the effects of cooling, reducing inflammation and relieving itching. It’s better to do it thoroughly.. In fact, the way to get bitten by Wenzi is very simple~ Because Wenzi’s eyes are special, he uses the high calorie and low calories in the human body to distinguish the colors. People who are tall will bite you, that is to say, more vegetables and less meat are the best way!! Reference material Health insurance tries to bite after half: 1. Most people will experience redness, swelling, itching, pain and other symptoms after being bitten by a mosquito At this time, alkaline substances can be used to relieve it, for example, ammonia can be used to stop the itching, or soap can be dipped in water and applied to the red and swollen area, which can stop the itching within a few minutes. 2. If the bite is very itchy, you can flick it with your fingers first, and then apply toilet water, wind oil, etc. 3. Use salt water to smear or infuse the itchy area, which can soften the lumps and effectively relieve itching. 4. Use the juice from aloe vera leaves to relieve itching. When you are bitten by a mosquito and have redness, swelling and itching, you can cut a small piece of aloe vera leaf, wash it, break it, and rub it on the red and swollen area for a few times to reduce the swelling and itching.

Because washing powder is alkaline, mosquitoes are not suitable to grow in alkaline water, but the perfume in washing powder water can make female mosquitoes mistakenly think that they have food and lay their eggs in it. So as to achieve the effect of killing mosquitoes.
The third method of physical mosquito repellent: garlic, vitamin B

There are also two magic weapons to repel mosquitoes. You must try them. These are garlic and (peanut) vitamin B.

The fourth way to kill mosquitoes: salt water, toothpaste

If you are accidentally bitten by a mosquito, don't rush to grab it. Bring a bit of salt water or toothpaste to help you relieve itching quickly.
This method is safe and simple for children. You think any medicine is harmful to the human body, not to mention the tender skin of children. If your child is bitten by a mosquito, apply it with salt water immediately, which will relieve itching and relieve the pain without side effects.
Let’s take a look at another method-put a few drops of wind oil on the used mosquito-repellent incense pills and plug in the power supply to achieve a strong mosquito repellent effect and save pills. In the event of a power failure, you can also light one or two used tablets together, and after a few minutes, it will have the effect of repelling mosquitoes.

Some tools can be used indoors, such as electric mosquito swatters and insect killers. On the windows, install screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering
After eating oranges, the peels are left behind. When you sleep at night, place them next to the bed to repel mosquitoes. It is best not to use mosquito coils, which is bad for your health. It is better to hang mosquito nets for strong construction, which is safer and more reliable. After being stung, you can wash it with soapy water, which can disinfect and relieve itching, and the effect is very good. Of course, applying toilet water is also a good choice.

Mosquito repellent is a commonly used method. Plants such as lilac, marigold, jasmine, lavender, evening lavender, and mint will also play a role in preventing mosquitoes. Mosquito traps are very effective for mosquitoes that are active at night. We can use them on balconies and terraces.

Clean up in time, do not leave stagnant water. The second method of physical mosquito repellent: close the doors and windows with soapy water, place a basin in front of the window, add some water mixed with detergent, the next day, there will be some dead mosquitoes in the basin." Continue using this method every day , Almost no need to spray insecticide liquid to kill mosquitoes. And there will be fewer and fewer mosquitoes.
Light a mosquito coil or use toilet water
You can hang mosquito nets or light mosquito coils, but it is generally not recommended to light mosquito coils in dormitories, which is not safe
When I lived in school before, there were a lot of mosquitoes, which was very annoying. Later, I took an empty washbasin and wiped it with wet soap on the inside and outside of the basin, and then shaken it several times where mosquitoes were rampant. They are all stuck to the soap foam obediently. When sleeping, they hide in the mosquito nets. The mosquitoes are wiped out through the wall and the mosquito nets. One less mosquitoes are killed. Don’t lean on the mosquito nets when you sleep.
It is the best choice to use mosquito nets that are environmentally friendly, safe, economical and affordable
Place a few boxes of uncovered cooling oils and wind oils in the bedroom, or place one or two pots of tuberose, jasmine, Milan, mint or roses in full bloom, etc.
The most direct way to eliminate mosquitoes is to hang mosquito nets. Mosquito repellent "chemical" weapons. Mosquito screen paint. Electric mosquito coils. The mosquito repellent principle of electric mosquito coils is to inhale pyrethrum etc. into the mosquito coil sheet, heat and evaporate to achieve the mosquito killing effect.
Mosquito repellent has a lemon scent, and when kept in a house, mosquitoes will escape quietly like a plague. The reason is that the mosquito repellent contains a special "small raw material". It uses transgenic technology to implant the citronellal gene structure with the mosquito repellent gene into "vanilla", and uses its own unique release system as a carrier to transfer the citronella Aldehydes are continuously released into the air. At the same time, plant DNA (gene) structure containing fresh smell and purifying air is also implanted to form a "natural evaporator", so the fragrance is overflowing. Especially in the hot summer, it will be refreshing and refreshing. After testing, its mosquito repellent effect is good, harmless to humans and animals, and can repel hundreds of mosquitoes. Mosquito repellent is a perennial herb whose living temperature is above minus 3 degrees Celsius and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. Generally, the higher the temperature, the stronger the fragrance and the better the mosquito repellent effect.
You can apply toilet water, but the effect of long-term use will not be obvious. It is better to install mosquito nets and use electric mosquito coils. It is recommended to install magnetic mosquito screens.





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