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oft screen door magnetic alternative mosquito-repellent incense N kinds of reasons

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In soft screen door magnetic not listed before most people use mosquito-repellent incense, mosquito, most of the mosquito-repellent incense effective ingredients is pyrethrin pesticide, and organic fillers, adhesives, dyes and other additives, mosquito-repellent incense burning smoke therefore contains many harmful substances to human body, is likely to trigger asthma and other diseases.
According to measure, point a roll of mosquito-repellent incense gives the amount of particles and smoke burn around 100 root is roughly same, release of ultrafine grain, can go to and retained in the lungs, could trigger asthma in the short term, long term could cause cancer. Followed by the mosquito-repellent incense base material produced by the incomplete combustion carcinogens, and some compounds may irritate the upper respiratory tract, these substances poisoning can cause a person's nervous system
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