jiao yang magnetic soft screen door

Some introduction about magnetic soft screen door

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1 the basic concepts
1, the design principle: soft screen door magnetic soft edge and split out the different features, make use of gravity and magnetic closure quickly. USES the high quality fiber materials as raw materials with a magnetic stripe or magnetic block is made. A variety of shapes and size on the basis of the size of the door.
2, the product characteristic: the novel appearance, no noise, access to convenient, low cost, good sealing, anti-mosquito effect is good, can fold can fold collection convenient installation, easy to clean, the price is low wait for an advantage. To overcome the traditional all kinds of rigid samana bulky, easy to deformation, closed lax, the noise big, it is not convenient to take hanging collection characteristics. Flies prevention effect is remarkable, etc. Product set flies and decoration, warm and elegant modelling more human, let your bedroom ?





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